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  • Five Pack of NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges
  • Five Pack of NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges from NicamxxOnline
  • NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

NICMAXX "The MAXX" Flavored Five Pack E Cig Cartridges

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    Five Pack of NICMAXX The MAXX Flavored Rechargeable *PG Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

    The Maxx is a full flavor premium cartridge that when used has the look, feel, flavor and nicotine delivery of a traditional bold, non-filtered, full flavored, Electric Cigarette, but without the tobacco smoke. Instead the cartridge emits a flavorful but odorless vapor. It provides everything you like about smoking without the things you don't. No tobacco smoke or cigarette smell.


    • 1 Cartridge  equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes - see E Cig Tips in the "video" tab
    • Smoke & Odor Free - smoke anywhere  
    • Rich Authentic Flavor designed by smokers for smokers
    • Costs Less Than Regular Cigarettes
    • 30 day money back Guarantee
    • One Year Warranty 


    Make sure when looking for NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges that they have the NICMAXX logo on the packaging. Unlike other brands, the taste and sensation in our NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Cartridges has yet to be duplicated.


    E-Cig Tips 2 (04:39)
    • E-Cig Tips 2

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    1. Just Like A Real Tobacco Cigarette  star rating

      Posted by Joan A McMaster on 3rd Nov 2020

      Excellent strength and taste.

    2. Best Tasting e-cig  star rating

      Posted by SUSAN PASQUALONE on 9th Mar 2018

      'Have tried several other brands and Nicmaxx is by far the best....closest to taste of regular cigarettes and without the "additives" found in traditional cigarettes. Excellent service from NICMAXX online.

    3. Absolutely love it  star rating

      Posted by Ryan Leopold on 25th Aug 2017

      This product works. I smoked for 17 years. my wife wanted me to quit, I told her i would with no intention of quitting and just smoking behind her back. I didn't want to quit,I liked smoking a lot. The Man Who Sold to me told me just to use it for 2 weeks see what happens and then come back. Sure enough I did. To get a refill. Its still crazy to me that now after nine months how just like that I didn't like the smell or taste of cigarettes from this product and without even wanting to quit. Thank You nicmaxx. I tell everybody that I come in contact with about this product it's amazing!

    4. Great product, poor delivery time  star rating

      Posted by Sharon Simpson on 9th Aug 2017

      Am very happy with this product. It more closely resembles the actual taste and feel of a tobacco cigarette and, thus, is more satisfying than any other type of ecig or vape-type cig that I have tried.

      Have ordered several times from nicmaxx with excellent shipping (2-3 day delivery time). However, my last order took 10 days for delivery. Guess I'm a product of the age of instant gratification...very disappointed in delivery time. Hope it's an anomaly and not a new processing method.

    5. Almost like the real thing.  star rating

      Posted by Richard Gearon on 5th Oct 2015

      I bought a kit in a smoke shop and am now ordering refills online. These e-cigs are superior to any product I could even imagine. I don't use it very much, so a charge lasts several days and a cartridge lasts several days as well. Nothing could be more convenient to use and carry. No buttons to push, and no fluid to refill. I can put it in my shirt pocket, and it remains there, without bother or announcing the fact that I have it. Best of all, it tastes almost as good as the Camel non-filters I smoked for over 50 years. The physical sensation of inhaling the vapor and blowing it out, is almost like the real thing. The taste is exceptional. I recommend the NICMAXX e-cig without reservation.

    6. cartridge  star rating

      Posted by sue on 30th Jul 2015

      like to see these come in the soft cartridges

    7. Tried the rest. This is the best  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2015

      I've tried a lot of E-Cigs. But many of them had a vanilla flavor. I want my cigarette to taste like a "cigarette". NacMaxx did if for me. While they aren't marketed as a smoking cessation product, I've been off real cigarettes since the beginning of this year. In my widest dreams, I never thought that could ever happen ! ! ! I get the nicotine, without the harmful smoke. Now my goal is to sloooooly wean myself off of E-Cigs. If not this product, try any E-Cig. YOU CAN KICK THE SMOKING HABIT !

    8. Best "Cigarette-Like"...  star rating

      Posted by VickyT. on 28th Feb 2015

      I've tried a lot of these e-cigs and for me this is the most cigarette like in taste and experience. I have not smoked a real cigarette in over 2 years, thanks to these babies!

    9. Simply the "Maxx".  star rating

      Posted by Joann Winter on 3rd Feb 2015

      I am very pleased with the quality of NicMaxx. Best I've found so far.

    10. Pretty Darn Good  star rating

      Posted by Joann Winter on 5th Jan 2015

      I started with the "Mild" after trying some other brands. It was okay, but not as satisfying as I wanted. Recently switched to "Maxx" and am very satisfied.

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