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About The Brand

For Smokers By Smokers  


NICMAXX is the result of our pursuit to create an experience for smokers that just was not available from other electronic cigarette brands. The input from over 25,000 smokers has lead us to create the first “e-cig” that smokers are now transitioning to daily from tobacco cigarettes. Our proprietary blend of flavors, spices, types of glycols (which create our vapors) and levels of nicotine have created the first electronic cigarette that smokers are buying to comfortably transition away from tobacco cigarettes. If you have tried other e-cig brands and were not satisfied, then NICMAXX will provide you with the full flavor of a tobacco cigarette with a level of nicotine that will satisfy.


  30 day money back guarantee on all NICMAXX electronic cigarettes & accessories



NICMAXX Electronic Cigarettes have been on the American market since 2007 and are one of the industry’s founding brands. In that time we have tested and evolved our batteries, flavors, spices and types of glycols so that you, the smoker, will have a reliable, consistent experience that is the closest yet to an actual tobacco cigarette. How have we achieved this when so many other brands have not?

Testing and Research

NICMAXX is the byproduct of years of evolution from testing and input from literally tens of thousands of smokers. Where other brands simply purchase their products and produce whimsical and fascinating marketing campaigns, NICMAXX has focused our energies on one simple component-the Experience.

The NICMAXX Experience

When we first developed NICMAXX, we were thrilled at the response from the public. It was very rewarding to hear smokers tell us how great this new technology was. Yet, we were concerned that those that were one and two plus pack a day smokers were not embracing our products. We went to work to research why and discovered that for smokers, they needed more aggressive levels of spices, flavors and levels of nicotine to derive the throat and lung “hit” required to transition to the electronic cigarette.

Unlike Any Other Brand

NICMAXX is truly unlike any other electronic cigarette brand. If you are a smoker and have tried other electronic cigarettes- and we have heard from thousands of smokers who have-then you must experience NICMAXX for yourself - Shop Nicmaxx E CIgs Now!

NICMAXX-Smoking Pleasure-Redefined with Over 100,000 satisfied Customers!

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