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Nicmaxx Cartridge Refills

NICMAXX: Specially Designed For Smokers Like You! 

NICMAXX cartridges are handy e cigarette refills that come in a variety of flavors. These include The Maxx (our signature flavor), Classic Mild, Menthol Maxx, Mild, even No Nicotine.

Most NICMAXX e cigarette cartridges come in a handy five-pack box the size of a slim deck of cards. 

With NICMAXX e cigarette refills, you'll never be without your favorite e cigs. Load up on supplies, store cartridges in your office or car, even take them with you traveling.

Our e cigarette cartridges are highly portable, taking up less space than an old-fashioned pack of smokes. And unlike the latter they won't crush as easily, or go stale once the pack is opened.

On top of all these benefits is the outstanding flavor that makes NICMAXX famous. If you're looking to transition away from traditional cigs and were never satisfied with the weak flavors of other electronic cigarette brands, you'll be pleasantly surprised with NICMAXX.

Our proprietary blend of flavors, spices, glycols (which create the vapors) and levels of nicotine were created by smokers for smokers. NICMAXX has the flavor, depth and throat burn once offered only by traditional cigarettes.





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