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  • Five Pack of NICMAXX "menthol maxx" flavored electronic cigarette cartridges in neon green packaging.
  • NICMAXX Menthol Maxx flavored E Cigs
  • Five Pack of NICMAXX "menthol maxx" flavored electronic cigarette cartridges in neon green packaging.

NICMAXX "Menthol Maxx" Flavored Five Pack Cartridges

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    Five Pack of NICMAXX Menthol Maxx Flavored Rechargeable *PG Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

    The "Menthol Max" is a full flavor premium rechargeable electronic cigarette with the look, feel, flavor and nicotine delivery of a traditional bold, non-filtered, full flavored, Menthol Cigarette, but without the tobacco smoke. Instead it emits a flavorful but odorless vapor. It provides everything you like about smoking without the things you don't. No tobacco smoke or cigarette smell.


    • 1 Cartridge  equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes - see E Cig Tips below
    • Smoke & Odor Free - smoke anywhere  
    • Rich Authentic Flavor designed by smokers for smokers
    • Costs Less Than Regular Cigarettes
    • 30 day money back Guarantee
    • One Year Warranty 


    Make sure when looking for NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges you are buying they have the NICMAXX logo on the packaging, Unlike other Brands, NICMAXX taste and sensation in our Electronic Cigarette Cartridges has yet to be duplicated.

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    1. Menthol Cartridges  star rating

      Posted by Amy on 22nd Sep 2023

      I recently ordered 8 packs of the Nicmaxx menthol pods. The ones that work are great. Not quite as satisfying as a menthol cigarette, but I love that they don't leave me smelling like a chimney and my smoker's cough is completely gone after switching to e-cigarettes. Nicmaxx is the best cigarette replacement I have found thus far. Unfortunately, two of the eight boxes I purchased were full of dud's that didn't work, but I've been vaping for a while now, and I know that that just happens sometimes. Luck of the draw I guess. Anyhow, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to reduce or eliminate their dependence on cigarettes.

    2. Saved Me From Cigarettes'  star rating

      Posted by Michael J. on 15th Sep 2023

      Been using NicMax for over 10 years. Great product

    3. NicMaxx Menthol  star rating

      Posted by Cindy on 10th May 2023

      I enjoy these since I quit cigarettes

    4. Satisfied with cartridges  star rating

      Posted by homer on 10th Mar 2023

      I am satisfied with the menthol cartridges. I do get a dud every now and then.
      I switched from buying NICMAXX from local buyer to buying online directly from NICMAXX. I save a little money, and i receive the items promptly.

    5. Total Life Saver  star rating

      Posted by Michael on 6th Mar 2023

      Been using Menthol Max for about 10 years. Got me off a 25 year 3 pack a day habit. Easily concealed . Goes everywhere with me. Even the movies and on planes. shhhhhhh

    6. Great flavor  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2022

      Great flavor, I do get a dud here and there. Most refills last a long time but at times notice some do not. Overall very happy with the alternative to menthol cigs.

    7. Great taste  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2022

      Love the Menthol Maxx. I do feel the cartridges do not last quite as long as the regular flavor though.

    8. Great Product  star rating

      Posted by Kathryn on 12th Jul 2022

      Very happy with this product. Customer service is the best. Thank you

    9. AWESOME! The Best On the Market  star rating

      Posted by Wendy R. Marin on 13th Nov 2021

      I've had several types of eCigs from other vendors and Nicmaxx is the best of all.

    10. Great tasting refills-when they work  star rating

      Posted by Mike on 28th Jul 2021

      I have tried multiple brands of E-Cig products and this one is the closest to a real cig flavor that I have found. I often buy refills online as there is only one store that sells these and is a bit of a drive to get to. I will say the refill cartridges do have some "duds" that either the seal doesn't break or were improperly made- this is my only issue when I purchase 5-10 refill packs I average a 10 percent "dud" in each purchase- essentially out of the 5 in a pack generally 1 may not be useable. I will continue to purchase in the hopes this may be an issue being worked on but out of 10 packs I usually have one packs worth that are unusable.

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    One year on Rechargeable E-Cigarettes & their accessories, N/A for Nic2go, E-cigarette cartridges and Disposable E-cigarettes as they are consumable items

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