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  • Five Pack of NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges
  • Five Pack of NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges from NicamxxOnline
  • NICMAXX “The MAXX” Rechargeable *PG  Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

NICMAXX "The MAXX" Flavored Five Pack E Cig Cartridges

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    Five Pack of NICMAXX The MAXX Flavored Rechargeable *PG Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

    The Maxx is a full flavor premium cartridge that when used has the look, feel, flavor and nicotine delivery of a traditional bold, non-filtered, full flavored, Electric Cigarette, but without the tobacco smoke. Instead the cartridge emits a flavorful but odorless vapor. It provides everything you like about smoking without the things you don't. No tobacco smoke or cigarette smell.


    • 1 Cartridge  equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes - see E Cig Tips in the "video" tab
    • Smoke & Odor Free - smoke anywhere  
    • Rich Authentic Flavor designed by smokers for smokers
    • Costs Less Than Regular Cigarettes
    • 30 day money back Guarantee
    • One Year Warranty 


    Make sure when looking for NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges that they have the NICMAXX logo on the packaging. Unlike other brands, the taste and sensation in our NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Cartridges has yet to be duplicated.


    E-Cig Tips 2 (04:39)
    • E-Cig Tips 2

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    1. No more cigarettes  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2014

      I highly recommend this product. I have tried many ecigs and this is by far the best. I haven't had a regular cigarette for 16 months. Do not miss the hacking cough!!

    2. Finally!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2014

      I have been using "Mild". This was my first time to try "The Maxx". Now I feel like I'm smoking. This will be it for me from now on.

    3. Great Flavor  star rating

      Posted by Shawn on 28th Aug 2014

      This is the only product where the flavor actually matches a real Marlboro. When you first hit it, it actually crackles like a real cigarette!

      The only con about this is that after the first hit, the crackles seem to disappear. When I first started using these, the crackle would last until it was finished, but still love the flavor and the small battery

    4. Great Taste  star rating

      Posted by Steve on 30th Apr 2014

      This is the closest you'll get to a cigarette as you can get. The only downside that I have noticed is that they used to crackle when smoking them, but that seems to have disappeared after the first toke.

    5. Haven't picked up a cigarette for 1 year!!!  star rating

      Posted by Vicky on 1st Apr 2014

      Feels like I am smoking, but also feels so much better NOT to be smoking for real! I am able to "smoke" on my home without the odor and I don't stink anymore! I love 'em!

    6. NicMaxx is the BEST!  star rating

      Posted by Jim Sears on 20th Feb 2014

      I love these cartridges. They satisfy my desire to smoke. Feb. 15th of this year was my 1 year anniversary of not smoking real cigarettes. I hope to ween myself off of the Maxx carts, and go to a lower nicotine strength, and eventually, stop all together. But the best part of NicMaxx is the customer service. They have gone above and beyond with me.

    7. Great  star rating

      Posted by Dave on 3rd Dec 2013

      I have tried them all and nothing comes close to NICMAXX!The best by far!!Customer service is great!

    8. Love NicMaxx  star rating

      Posted by Jim S on 25th Nov 2013

      I have been using NicMaxx for almost a year. So far, I have not smoked a "real" cigarette in that time. Recently, my local tobacco shop stopped selling NicMaxx products, so I have had to order them online. Shipping is very fast and the shipping rates are quite reasonable. Thank you NicMaxx.

    9. Great Company to deal with & fantastic products!  star rating

      Posted by Donna on 11th Nov 2013

      I have only good things to say about this company. I had a problem with 3 of the batteries, they never hesitated to replace them, even though they had been opened/used briefly. I was all set to be disappointed, but instead was very pleasantly surprised! I can proudly say I no longer smoke cigarettes since using Nicmaxx products.

    10. Good deals, prompt delivery, great product  star rating

      Posted by Annie on 8th Nov 2013

      Best reg ecigs I've tried. I recommend the maxx and reg flavors, but I wasn't a fan of the cherry. Thanks to Nicmaxx I haven't had a cigarette in 27 weeks, and I was a smoker for 18 1/2 years.

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