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What's All the Hype About?

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Ever wonder why the topic of e-cigarettes is so controversial right now? Confused about why there’s so much discussion going on? Hopefully we here at NicMaxx Online can shed a little light on the subject.

The controversy really comes down to cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes. Cigarettes have been around for a very long time, e-cigs haven’t. Much of the controversy centers around whether e-cigs can be trusted to not have long-term side effects that are equal to or worse than regular cigarettes. As can be seen in our testimonials, many folks have transitioned from cigarettes to e-cigs. The real question is whether this transition is beneficial or not. We’re not here to draw conclusions from a medical perspective, but to shed some light on why this is such a big deal right now.

The main argument that hits the news regularly is over whether e-cigs have more or fewer toxins than cigarettes. It’s well-known that regular cigarettes have a number of toxins, many of them known carcinogens. What is not well-known and hotly debated is what toxins are in e-cigs. A recent study came to the conclusion that e-cigs basically have no toxins. Others have come to the conclusion that they have as many, or more, toxins as regular cigarettes. Although it is definitely hard to tell which studies are correct without more time and scientific consensus, what we do know is that there is much controversy around the toxins in e-cigs, and it is warranted because a growing number of people are trying to quit cigarettes using e-cigs. 

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