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5 Reasons to Buy Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

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Disposable e cigarettes have received a lot of flack, first for being boring analog devices and second for their apparent lack of purpose. Why even invest in disposable ecigs if they have no point? 

Except that they do have a point -- five points, to be specific about it. Use a disposable e cig for the following scenarios:

To try e cigarettes for the first time

Are you new to the e cigarette world? Before you start investing in equipment and paraphernalia, a little taste test might be in order. And what better way to see how e cigarettes taste and feel than with a disposable?

Disposable e cigarettes look like the real thing and, in the case of NICMAXX, deliver the same kind of flavor and throat feel as your favorite traditional cigarette. So whether you are looking for the kick of a full-flavored cigarette or the smoothness of a menthol, grab a disposable or two to test the waters. 

Once you've settled on a flavor that you like, then it's time to look at rechargeable units which will require more capital outlay. In the long run however, e cigarettes will cost you 76% less than regular tobacco, one of the best arguments for going the e cig way.

To sample flavors that intrigue you

Stuck on a certain flavor and looking for a new taste adventure? Disposable e cigs are a fantastic way to try out something out of the ordinary without committing to the expense. 

The perfume industry has little trial vials and magazine inserts that allow consumers to apply a fragrance before buying an entire bottle. Disposable e cigarettes are the same mechanism: Grab one or two to sample the goods before you start thinking of stocking up. Our disposable  e cig assortment comes in four flavors: Smooth, Menthol MAXX, The MAXX and Classic Mild.

To have an emergency stash

Face it -- we've all had that minor panic attack not being without our trusty ecigs when you're stuck somewhere undesirable. Like being in transit at an airport when all the flights are backed up. Or being at the in-laws for Thanksgiving. You get the drift.

What better way to create some pleasurable diversion than with an emergency disposable e cig? Even better: You get to indulge indoors instead of battling the elements outdoors. One disposable e cigarette is the equivalent of 20 traditional tobacco cigarettes, making it the ultimate in convenient guilty pleasures.

To have a backup for your regular device 

Talking about emergencies, we all don't have access to a charger 24/7. So in the unlikely event that your rechargeable e cigarette needs some juice but no source of power is within hand, a disposable e cigarette is your salvation. Believe us, you can't be too paranoid about matters like this. 

To convince someone to quit tobacco

We all have that special someone in our lives who needs to ditch the tobacco habit. Not only is it scarily unhealthy, there are the unattractive elements that go with traditional cigarettes. That telltale ashtray smell, the yellowing fingers, the peeling wallpaper, the dirty looks of non-smokers -- we can go on and on. 

The fact is,  e cigarettes are a viable smoking cessation device. So if someone near and dear to you won't give up the smokes but could do with an intervention, slip him or her a disposable e cigarette just to try. The shape is a familiar one and it's ready to go once out of the box, no charging required.

So there you have it: Five solid reasons why disposable e cigarettes are pretty handy. Check out our selection of disposable e cigs and grab a few -- you never know when you'll need 'em.


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