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Really Dr. Oz?

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If you were watching Dr. Oz on November 5, you may have witnessed his expert 'panel' on e-cigarettes waxing eloquent about the dangers of e-cigs.

All we can say is this ...

Can't speak for other e-cigs out there, but in response to at least one dubious claim by the panel -- 'no smoker has quit smoking using e-vapor products' -- NICMAXX customers have been saying the opposite. 

Here is some real, not made up, feedback:

"Haven't picked up a cigarette for 1 year!!!..." said a thrilled Vicky.

"Since I Found This Product I No Longer Crave Tobacco" said Patricia who was so pleased, every word now starts with a capital letter.

"I FINALLY QUIT THE REAL THING!..." said Gregg whose all caps can be forgiven on this occasion.

Even the well-respected BBC agrees that e-cigs help smokers quit.

Did you also know:

PPG or propylene glycol which is a common ingredient in ecigs is also found in nasal inhalers? You won't see anyone up in arms over nasal inhaler addiction though. 

460,000 Americans die every year from tobacco cigarettes but no one has died from an e-cig. 

"We do not know the long-term effects of e-vapor products" -- erm they've been around since 2007. See the previous point.

If you want to see Dr. Oz's theories totally blasted, find out what the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Association (TVECA), of which NICMAXX is a proud member, has to say.

And if you want to know what the batting average is for Dr. Oz's health advice, half the time his conclusions are either  baseless or wrong.


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