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Nicmaxx Online Annual Pirate Day Sale

NICMAXX Online Talk Like a Pirate Day video contest









Ahoy, scurvy dog! It’s goin' t' be Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. Think ye have what it takes to talk like a pirate? Deliver yer best pirate lines in a video with yer NICMAXX ecig of choice and git a chance to win a $100 NICMAXX Online gift card and a free charger case. Aar!

Fer inspiration on how t' talk pirate, watch this here video.  

Want more authenticity? Ye may want t' do the following:  

About th' contest

Entrants will submit a video o' themselves talkin' in pirate speak while holdin' a NICMAXX e cigarette. The videos must be a minimum o' 20 seconds long and a maximum length o' 45 seconds. Judges will select 1 winner who will be notified by email. The winner will receive a NICMAXX charger and a $100 gift card. Arr!

How t' enter 

Must be a legal resident o' th' United States, 18 years o' age or older t' participate in th' contest, ye scurvey dog. Participants must do th' followin':

  • Must submit a video o' themselves talkin' like a Corsair t' nicmaxxonline@gmail.com.
  • Submissions will not be accepted aft September 19, 2015.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed.


Eligibility restrictions 


  • The NICMAXX Online Talk Like a Pirate Day video contest is open t' legal residents o' th' United States who are 18 years o' age or older at th' time o' th' contest registration.
  • Employees o' NICMAXX Online, affiliates, members o' their families and members o' th' households o' any o' th' above --  includin' talkin' parrots -- are NOT eligible t' participate or win in this contest.
  • Participants agree t' th' videos bein' posted on th' NICMAXX Online site and its social media accounts. Ye've been warned! 




  • If th' winner is unable t' accept th' prize, th' prize will be forfeited in its entirety.
  • Nay substitution o' prize is offered, no transfer o' prize t' a third party is permitted.
  • Prizes will be awarded only upon winner verification and approval by NICMAXX Online.
  • Th' winner will be notified by email within 30 days aft winnin'. Th' winner or selected entrant will then have 30 days t' respond wit' their information.
  • If th' winner or selected entrant is unable t' be contacted within 30 days aft bein' selected or is ineligible, th' prize will be forfeited and goes t' Davy Jones' locker.


Other guidelines  


  • Nay purchase necessary -- but we won't stop ye if ye want t' buy some o' our fine e-cigarettes. And hoist the mainsail!
  • Contest is subject t' all applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations.
  • NICMAXX Online retains th' right t' disqualify any contestant if th' rules are not followed.
  • Any information collected by registerin' t' enter th' contest shall be used only in a manner consistent wit' these Contest Rules.
  • If th' contest is not able t' run as planned without limitation, NICMAXX Online deserves th' right t' cancel, terminate or modify th' contest at their discretion.

Still readin', ye lazy lubber? Wha' are ye waitin' fer!? Get on wit' it! 


Have Questions - Ask us if ye dare!

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